Tatanka EVO – 350M (Tubertini) Silver

Tatanka EVO – 350M (Tubertini) Silver


Monofilament of latest generation produced in Fluorine 100%, a fluoro-polyamide with unique characteristics that combine the best features of nylon and fluorocarbon. The very high strength both linear and to knot, the abrasion resistance and the low light refraction make it a totally reliable and performing line in every style of fishing in both freshwater and sea. Available in two colors Silver (neutral) and Green.

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350 m – Silver
0,120 mm 2,470/1,900
0,140 mm 2,470/1,900
0,160 mm 3,380/2,600
0,180 mm 4,290/3,300
0,200 mm 4,940/3,800
0,220 mm 5,720/4,400
0,250 mm 7,670/5,900
0,300 mm 8,710/6,700

Line Diameter - .mm

.12mm, .14mm, .16mm, .18mm, .20mm, .22mm, .25mm, .28mm, .30mm


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