Sweepfire E

Sweepfire E


Introducing the young family to fishing? Then it’s hard to see past the Sweepfire spinning reels. With just one turn of the handle you’ll experience the ultra smooth cranking power of Digigear, perfectly meshed gearing that provides incredible power that will last for years. For ultimate line control the ABS spool delivers effortless casts and maximises distance, plus the Twistbuster eliminates line twist.

The Sweepfire is the ideal reel for the young or beginner.
Graphite body and side plate
Digigear II

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Daiwa Sweepfire E Reel

Pairing together the wisdom and technological advances of Japan with the kind of price to performance ratio that the modern angler demands from their tackle, the Sweepfire E is the ideal product for anglers across the disciplines. Whether you’re a novice or junior angler looking to invest in your piece of quality Daiwa gear or you’re an experienced angler who is perhaps more accustomed to significantly pricier reels, this Sweepfire E will more than please with its smooth running performance. Available in six sizes, there are applications for this reel across the disciplines. So, whether you’re looking for a delicate 2000 reel to comfortably handle all your light lure work or you want a workhorse 5000 for heavy fishing power, as well as for a variety of uses across the sea fishing discipline, there is a Daiwa Sweepfire for your needs.

Fitted with Digigear II technology, this reel can exert huge power when needed. Digigear is Daiwa’s digital gearing transmission system, ensuring that the internal mechanisms of the reel maintain perfect alignment under pressure to provide pristine performance across the board. This precision alignment is aided by the extremely rigid framework of the reel, allowing you to tackle all manner of fish. TwistBuster II is Daiwa’s innovative line roller system. This line roller actively works to eliminate line twist on the roller, ensuring that you can fish with whichever strand of mainline that you desire – whether that’s traditional mono filament or high-tech ultra-thin braid.

The spool on the Daiwa Sweepfire E has been manufactured from aluminium and has been built to Daiwa’s ABS specifications. ABS is an anti-backlash system that ensures that even when you cast out hard you won’t experience any backlash from the line. The bail arm has been fitted with a long life spring, ensuring that even with continued use you don’t experience the kind of bail arm weakening that plagues other reels.

Reel Size

SW 2500, SW 3000, SW 4000


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