GORILLA-UC FluoroCarbon 100M (Tubertini)

GORILLA-UC FluoroCarbon 100M (Tubertini)


Tubertini Gorilla UC4 Fluorocarbon Line is produced with a high percentage of polyvinylidene fluoride. Tubertini Gorilla UC-4 is an excellent line. suitable for both boat fishing and for casting, thanks to its lightness and knot strength. A very popular line with UK sea match anglers. the Gorilla UC-4 offers brilliant value for money. performance and reliability. Typically Gorilla fluorocarbon line is approximately 33% thinner than similar fluorocarbons produced elsewhere. but without any performance loss. 100m spool.



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0,080 mm 0,900/1,080
0,100 mm 1,520/1,520
0,120 mm 1,900/1,520
0,140 mm 3,000/1,850
0,160 mm 3,400/3,620
0,180 mm 4,000/3,000
0,200 mm 4,800/3,960
0,220 mm 5,700/4,800
0,250 mm 7,700/5,700
0,300 mm 11,000/6,630
0,350 mm 13,500/8,560
0,400 mm 17,000/11,200
0,450 mm 19,000/14,800
0,500 mm 21,500/17,560

Line Diameter - .mm

.08mm, .10mm, .12mm, .14mm, .16mm, .18mm, .20mm, .22mm, .24mm, .25mm, .30mm, .35mm, .40mm, .45mm, .50mm


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