ERRE FluoroCoated 50M (Tubertini)

ERRE FluoroCoated 50M (Tubertini)


New concept for this monofilament designed for making competition rigs. The use of a new polymer makes the wire very knot resistant while remaining very soft for an excellent bait presentation. The new Fluorine coating is very resistant to abrasion and aging thanks to its resistance to UV rays.


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29964xx 0,083 mm 1,130/0,620
29966xx 0,102 mm 1,720/1,050
29968xx 0,125 mm 2,330/1,490
29969xx 0,145 mm 3,850/1,920
29970xx 0,165 mm 4,900/2,620
29971xx 0,182 mm 6,050/3,130

Line Diameter - .mm

.08mm, .10mm, .12mm, .14mm, .16mm, .18mm, .20mm


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